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SaSa Art has a major goal: create a positive impact on people`s live through the energy and power of art.

Art in working and living environments can increase creativity, productivity and wellbeing. The SaSa Art team can support and manage interior design projects for offices, hotels, villas and appartments around the world. The portfolio offers exclusive print art (limited and signed by the artist) and unique originals (e.g. mixed media on wood, metal and canvas).

For more information contact: art@wkomma.de. The SaSa Art consultant team is happy to provide customized solutions for your art project.

The SaSa Art team:
– Isabel Scharenberg, New York City, USA for USA/Canada
– Francesca Baratella, Sardinia, Italy for Europe
– Claudia Wente-Waedlich, Cologne, Germany and Ft. Lauderdale, USA for Rest of the World


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