Photo Art

All about the photo-artist

Hector Adalid

In collaboration with Stefano Sanna, photographer Hector Adalid from New York City, developed a unique category of Metacycling Photo Art. Born 1974 in Mexico City, he began his career in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, before he moved to the CITY.

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Photo Art Work

Hector’s Photo Art evolved from the original Metacycling Art when he met Stefano Sanna in New York City. Together the 2 artists created a new dimension in abstract photo art by documenting natural structures and colors by using makro photography.

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New York

The city that never sleeps is stressing and inspiring at the same time. Here Stefano Sanna and Hector Adalid met and developed the concept of their collaboration. For Hector NYC is hometown and energy source for his unique Photo Art collection.

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SaSa Art is a collaboration of artists, photographers and art curators. The group was initiated in Sardinia/Italy, the paradise island in the Mediterranean Sea. The art work (original, photo art, print art) is dedicated to Metacycling Art (also known as Up-Cycling Art). The SaSa team offers the unique collections through a gallery network, international museum & commercial exhibitions and web based art platforms.

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