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Italian Artist Stefano Sanna Took Florida By Storm

Sardinian pioneer of “Metacycling Art” on display at Art Fusion Galleries & William Braemer Fine Art Gallery/Miami

Sardinian artist Stefano Sanna presents his first-ever Florida exhibitions at Art Fusion Gallery through and William Braemer Fine Art Gallery. Inspired by his home on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Sanna, he creates new abstractions and figurative works composed of recycled materials found on the island’s beaches.

As a pioneer of the unique style in Metacycling Art, his original works are born by utilizing overlooked objects, such as wood, copper, steel and old paper, and marrying them with new materials to create refined pieces steeped in layers of natural history.

Stefano Sanna’s art is presented in international exhibitions throughout 2019, including the following galleries:

Art Fusion Galleries, Wynwood/Miami, FL

William Braemer Fine Art Gallery, Wynwood/Miami, FL

• Art Fusion Galleries, St. Petersburg, FL

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