San Pantaleo


San Pantaleo

San Pantaleo, art village in Sardinia

San Pantaleo, a small village in northern Sardinia, has become a hub for art and culture in recent years. The village is one of the most attractive places in Italy and ranks for the 4th most beautiful villages in Italy in the travel literature of the TELEGRAPH. Around the historic market square, the original house structures were preserved and restored with great attention to detail. The buildings are listed as historical sites and, in this day, and age create a unique calm and timeless atmosphere through their charm.

Quote from the travel literature: „This tiny outpost in the mountains of the Gallura lies within a short drive of the Costa Smeralda yet thankfully outside its orbit of ostentatious wealth. Instead you find a graceful village square overlooked by a church and a couple of chic bars that are perfect for whiling away an evening. A craft market pitches up here on Thursdays, and concerts are staged in summer.”

On market days, more than 2,000 visitors often come and occupy all free parking spaces and populate the bars and restaurants of the village. More than 10 contemporary arts and crafts galleries have made San Pantaleo an important cultural hub in northern Sardinia. This is where art lovers and wealthy collectors meet and discover artwork, which can also be seen at exhibitions in New York, Tokyo and Miami later this year.

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