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Studio Abba, Florence, Italy

SaSA Partner Gallery: Studio Abba. Florence, Italy

Studio Abba, the gallery for Contemporary Art in the heart of Florence, is also featuring the SaSa group, represented by Stefano Sanna (Sardinia) and Hector Adalid (NewYork City). Studio Abba is also the source for the Open Art Code group.

Open Art Code is composed of a group of renowned artists who have very different technical styles and their artistic formation is varied. They have united their talents to exhibit together in Paris at the Grand Palais, in Monaco at the Auditorium Rainier III, at the Oxo Gallery on the River Thames in London, in Shanghai at Pudong Library and CEIBS, in Venice at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, in Cannes at the Gare Maritime, In Florence in the San Lorenzo Church and in Tokyo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Studio Abba, Via dei Serragli 17, 50124 Firenze,
Tel: +39 055051 6161

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