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Stefano Sanna, the personality

Stefano Sanna was born in 1975 in Nigeria to an Italian/Sardinian father and a Swiss mother. He began his art studies in Milan in 1994, majoring in graphic art and design. Subsequently he worked as an illustrator and comic book artist. Since 2004, he lives in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, where he works as a successful independent artist.   For Stefano Sanna, Sardinia and particularly the north coast of the island where Costa Smeralda is situated, are his source of energy and inspiration. This especially includes the unique colors of the island, with its rock formations, rich fauna, white beaches and emerald colored water.

After a heavy storm, he searches the beaches in the morning for flotsam, which has been washed up by the sea. He believes that the wooden planks and metal plates, lost by ships sailing in rough seas, tell stories which he turns into works of art. However, the creative processes extend well beyond “recycling art”. The materials go through a special metamorphosis through Stefano’s creative refining and abstraction processes. One could assume that Stefano Sanna’s work defines a new art direction for “metacycling”.

Meet Stefano in NYC and get inspired by the outstanding art and his strong personality. Metacycling art is setting new benchmarks.

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