Metacycling art sets new dimensions

Nature is the true source for creativity

Uniqueness is the value of art

Colours are inspiration and power of art

Metal and Wood create unique mixed media art

The mediterranian environment creates the flow of art

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The artist in the City

Stefano Sanna comes to New York A main trend in art 2018 is “authenticity”. Stefano Sanna, a young artist from Sardinia, the paradise island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the prototype of a new international artist generation. This meta-trend of authenticity is somehow...


Stefano Sanna, the personality

Stefano Sanna was born in 1975 in Nigeria to an Italian/Sardinian father and a Swiss mother. He began his art studies in Milan in 1994, majoring in graphic art and design. Subsequently he worked as an illustrator and comic book artist. Since 2004, he lives in Costa...


OpenArtCode in Florence

Stefano Sanna Art will be presented by OpenArtCode in Florence, Italy: april, 18th until may, 8th. 2018. Web:  For more information or appointments for the Exhibition at the Basilica Di San Lorenzo please contact Leontine...


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